Day 16 We need more beer !

Cruising down the James Bay road southbound was like taking a victory lap after a big race, the weather was improving and getting slightly warmer with each mile. The sights of the road are still fresh in the mind and we often reflect on the strange landscape ( Lance’s reflection was the best) , “it’s as if Dr. Seuss drew the trees and rocks here”. We entered an area where there was obviously a major wildfire , literally thousands of acres had burned and even the posts of the guardrails were toasted. A few of us had seen a “black wolf” cross the road , racing to get out of our way, and much too quickly to snap a picture. I didn’t know there was such a thing, and thought to myself this wolf must fit into the freshly burned forest nicely and if it hadn’t crossed the road, we surely wouldn’t have seen it.

My original plan for the trip was to have two brewing days at the final destination, but because of the most difficult weather and having to wait it out, we all agreed this was simply not in the cards. Yet my mind was not at ease with coming home with only one batch of beer, I had committed to many generous sponsor’s and friends that I would have bottles of this Arctic Ale for them and stumbled over the gallons per bottle equation quietly under my helmet. As we refueled at the only gas station at the mid-point on the James Bay road, a thought and idea came to mind. If we were to stop and camp at the Ruppert River , I could gather more water and possibly brew another batch of beer to fulfill my quest to return with two batches of beer, unfortunately I kept this idea to myself as the team blew past the mighty Ruppert two hours later.

We pulled into a nice campground wih a beautiful lake on the southern end of the James Bay road. Everyone was exhausted from the long trip once again. I was exhausted and was first to crash, fully clothed in my motorcycle suit, boots still on. I spent almost the whole trip sleeping inside my brewery trailer, is this odd? not for someone who dreams of beer and adventures… poor wife Leslie.

Early to bed, early to rise, the nagging feeling took hold as I woke. I was disappointed that we didn’t stop at Ruppert and quickly acted on my thought. As quietly as possible in the early morning light, un-hitching the trailer and jumping in the Land Rover while everyone was sleeping. I was going back to the mighty river alone. I have brought empty water bottles and coolers to fill once again, determined to make good on my promises and after coming all this way, this was my chance. I had forgot how far past the Ruppert we had come, and realized that I was putting us in jeopardy of gas for getting back to the station, on this long road, gas is critical, but I didn’t seem to care. So with Ruppert water in hand we packed up and set our sights for more miles down the James Bay road. On our trip north we found a great campsite called Lac Villebon and the scenery and setting was fantastic. This would be where we could brew our second batch of Arctic Ale.

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  1. Chris Polli Says:

    Where’s the Confederate Flag at, y’all?

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