Day 15 Radisson Quebec, drying out

After a long day of difficult brewing and freezing hands in the middle of August, we set our sights on leaving the shoreline and heading back down the long road to Radisson.

It remains a bittersweet memory of the place I had dreamed about for so long, such a beatutiful place to see and if the weather was better?….well , but a small part of me enjoyed experiencing the rough climate and I think it was in that element that made us appreicate the spirit and the realization of why this was a magical ale for the sailors of 1852.

John and I had one last look at the endless sea and felt moved once again by this majestic landscape and extenstion of the arctic ocean.

The road out of this place is loose gravel and fairly difficult to navigate on a motorbike, especially the deep pockets of sand and loose stones. If you have ever ridden a ladened bike over 500 pounds, the wobble of the front tire and an almost constant feeling of slipping is close at hand, it takes your full attention and nerve to keep up pace, add to that the 3 1/2 days of rain-soaked ground…fun !

My mind was full of reflection on what we had endured and what we had done, the realization of the mission. I had wondered if I would ever see this place again and felt humbled by the whole experience.

As we pulled back into Radisson, the only small town within hundreds of miles except for the Cree village of Chisacibi the team was exhausted and most everything we had was rain soaked. Rather than setting up at the campground , we opted for a warm and dry hotel room. At dinner later that night we discussed our plans for the next few days and realized that distance we had to travel before reaching home.
The Le Grand river at LG-1 crossing

One Response to “Day 15 Radisson Quebec, drying out”

  1. mike cummings Says:

    Awesome! Good job with the gravel. Safe trip back.

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