Day 11 and 12 Heavy Rain, 40mph Winds and Cold

After a nice first night on arrival in Longue Pointe ,and about 3 o’clock in the morning , most of us woke up to the sound of fierce winds and heavy rain. Getting weather updates in this area of Canada is difficult, but as we found out a strong cold front had moved in during the night bringing massive driving winds and an arctic blast of air this Pennsylvania team had prepared for , but was not quite ready for , at least so soon. Brewing in this weather was definitely out of the question as the rain was nearly horizontal, and the high for the day was in the low 40’s. The team soon realized we had ventured into the unknown. for the next 36 hours with only a small hour-long break, we all did our very best just to keep warm and try to keep our gear as dry as possible. Our camp was set up literally on the shoreline of the bay , in fact we were only about 25 feet from the breaking waves of arctic waters. Our spirits stayed strong and we worked as a team to help each other through the difficult times, this was a true test of spirit.

As we squinted out on the rough sea’s of the bay , we all reflected on the story of Captain Belcher’s journal in 1852-1853, of how the men of the 19th century had it much more difficult than us, we faced rain and mild temperatures compared the brave sailors who faced -40 degree cold and high seas , 6 months of darkness and traveling to the unknown parts of the Northwest Passage, this helped our spirits and gave us new respect for those so brave. We came on motorcycles and trucks , and could really pack up and leave at any time, none of us were really in any danger of loosing our lives. The sailors of the Belcher mission were not so lucky, when your on a ship in the cold north seas , there is no getting off and seeking shelter…

We did share a common remedy for the unpleasantness of the journey however, in the bow of our trailer, we carried our own Arctic Ale to make the journey more comfortable and it gave us hope for our success. After day two of the rain and cold we had heard from some Cree who had visited us that the weather may get a bit better on Saturday morning , this was our one chance to complete our mission. The Cree fishermen were extremely friendly and inspected our brewing equipment and listened to our story with much curiosity. They were interested in the fact that we had brought water from the Ruppert River to brew our ale , I think they thought we were crazy too , but they wished us luck and said they would be back to check on us . Saturday could not come soon enough , we started to get weary and it took it toll on everyone. Two days in these conditions are difficult to simply brew beer , my team stayed tough with words off encouragement from our emails and Facebook friends ….we thank you all for getting us through. Saturday our satellite goes down for the next four days…

Before the storm :

4 Responses to “Day 11 and 12 Heavy Rain, 40mph Winds and Cold”

  1. Can’t tell you how exhilarating your posts are. The details are wonderful and help us imagine your experiences. We’re in a 90+ heat wave here in PA. Sounds like you’re prepared for the weather, but don’t underestimate it. A caution: Artic Ale can give you a false sense of internal warmth while your fingers and toes are being frostbitten. Stay strong.

  2. Chris Polli Says:


  3. Chris Polli Says:

    Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

    — Cree Indian Prophecy

  4. The photos impart the feeling of being at the edge, where few dare to venture. Hauntingly beautiful.

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