Day 10 Our Final push North !

We set off this morning after an incredible show of Northern Lights at our campground in Radisson Quebec. The road to the shoreline is paved for about 75km , then we split off the beaten path on a logging road. Our final destination is a small place north of Chisacibi the Cree village of about 3000 Cree and Inuit native Canadians. The weather today started out very cloudy and after about ten minutes we hit major winds. John and I where hit with difficult cold, wind and rain and our bikes leaned into the wind to keep them pointing straight. 20 minutes more and we were drenched and needed to pull over to change clothes and warm up.

We are now two bikes and two trucks and things seemed to be smoother without the added stress that comes with three riders and impatience.

As we turned on the logging road we passed winter camps of the Cree , abandoned shacks with snowmobiles and sledges in the yards, and ever shack has a Tee-pee. The trip to the shoreline was tough riding with washboard sections and deep loose stone and sand with is very difficult to keep the bike straight and upright . ( by the way , Chris has fallen on his bike only once, John = not yet , but Chris’s BMW GS is very heavy and he was tired …wink ) .

After 100 km, we reached Longue Pointe , not on many maps , it is the furthest you can possibly drive in Northern Quebec , and right near where the Hudson Bay and James Bay meet , officially in the Arctic and officially in the Nunavat Territories, we have left Quebec .

The long road broke and the landscape has changed again , the feel of the arctic is now in our faces, and in our spirits. The shoreline is amazing with almost no trees and huge granite slabs. The area is dotted with beautiful flowers and ground covers , pools of iron rich water dot the ancient scenery. We have made it ! This is were
we will brew our 19th century ale !

One Response to “Day 10 Our Final push North !”

  1. Good to hear from you. You sound much better, despite the punishing weather. Worried about you down here in PA. Good brewing!

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