Day 6 Val’d Or and the Magic Lake

Heading out of Tremblant, we set our sights on Val’D Or, Quebec. The road is filled with farms and magnifcent vistas, the smell of the country air is so much more apparent on a motorbike than a car.

The group of travelers are starting to gel nicely and the miles are adding up. A new discovery is made around each bend in the road and the feeling and excitement of the trip is on the minds of us all.

The magic lake is filled with mystery and beauty, we met Johnny DiamondBoy …a Cree elder who caught 4 gigantic Sturgeon fish, he explained to us that the Sturgeon are a gift to him from his mother the lake……. He didn’t really understand our journey of the Arctic Ale , but said we will be blessed by his people.

3 Responses to “Day 6 Val’d Or and the Magic Lake”

  1. Awesome Bro, the Cree Indians are one of many of God’s messengers and caretakers of the land. What a tremendous experience for you and your team. I wait each day to read of your journey and the treasures you are encountering! Be safe & savor every step! Love Sis

  2. Chris Polli Says:

    Nice legs Dan!

  3. Chris Polli Says:

    I plan on following the trip daily. Enjoy the journey, it may seem long now, but the ride will be over TOO soon.

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