Day 5 Mont Tremblant and Good Byes

Our journey continues from Gatineau to Tremblant thru wild mountain passes and twisty roads north and East.
We had several friends from the start of our journey but by the time we reached Mont Tremblant we only had Mrs. Bowen and Chris’s children Alex, and Sarah on the first leg of our travels.

After several days on the road and some camping and motorbiking, Mont Tremblant was a welcome stop on our mission north.We had arranged a visit to the ski resort “Mont Blanc” , owned by some friends of friends ( the way the whole journey has been ). Staying at a condo was a very welcome respite from the challenges of camping and paying for showers and that smokey smell of the fire pit.
Another challenge was the ever need for electricity for charging film equipment and the ever demanding world of the 21st century and the annoyance of modern conveniences.

The condo was great , a Swiss chalet in the Quebec countryside, three bedrooms, a fireplace and a steady supply of power.

Sad eyes welt up when Leslie,Alex and Sarah where ready to depart from the team of travelers, this was the last contact the team would enjoy from what was a vacation gone mad.

We all miss our families and no matter where we travel, people are all the same, we all need to eat,we all need to sleep and we love our children.

after today, our journey alone as 7 begins , and there is so much more to share, my blog here is two days behind….stay tuned !

2 Responses to “Day 5 Mont Tremblant and Good Byes”

  1. Happy to see you guys smiling. Excitement over your trip somewhat tempered by concern for your well-being while on the rode. Come back healthy and whole so you can regale us with stories first-hand. Venture on!

  2. “Rode”?!? D’oh!

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