Day 4 Gatineau and BDT !

Spent the day in Ottawa and then dinner and a brewery tour at the most amazing place.

We were excited to meet our friends at a brew pub named Les Brasseurs du Temps in Gatineau Quebec. I was in contact with one of the owners Marc Godin and his head brewer Dominique Gosselin , these guys are passionate about their beer !

Dominique and Chris share secrets about beer !

Marc explains the history of their brewery and that it was located along “Brewery creek” in the time of the 1800’s for Irish immigrants to enjoy beer while construction of the local canal. (Canadian Irish Pub ?)

Marc was so excited to meets us and explained that our journey to the north was simply another example of passion for a drink that we both share, these guys poured their heart and soul into this place, but explained that our journey just seems more extreme than his in the eyes of the public.

Marc with an old photo of the original brewery in the late 1800’s.

Absolutely amazing range of beers for such a small brew-house, 9 BBL’s if I can remember correctly. Dominique is a major talented brewer and so proud of his creations , we loved every beer we tasted, and when we were finished with the tour, he greeted us with a Pale Ale that had 300 lbs of Raspberries and dry hopped with Centennial hops…truly a fantastic ale , Dominique’s special and favorite creation , he called Fruit beer for Men …it was sensational !

The Alchemy of Beer ! ( in their museum )

Thank you BDT for your hospitality and excellent Ales !
We will be back for a visit !

2 Responses to “Day 4 Gatineau and BDT !”

  1. What a great place! I can’t wait to try fishing from their patio… beer in hand of course!!!

  2. Karen Dolan Says:

    Now that it is hard, or even impossible, to keep in touch through cell phone, these posts are especially welcomed by the unsung Arctic Widows. I’m sure Barbara and Leslie will agree that seeing our husbands riding their bikes, exploring the terrain they have dreamed about for months, is a beautiful sight.
    Keep having fun, stay safe, and know that we love you. Hello to everyone else too!

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