Day 2 Ommegang Brewery and Special Tour

As we pulled into Ommegang Brewery after riding in some rain we were treated to the most amazing site. Ommegang was set against the backdrop of a full moon and a private campground. We had the company of some great friends who had rode with us from Bethlehem which made for a great first night of camping, roaring fire and comforting friendship.
In the morning , we were greeted by a most excited staff of the head brewer Phil and Larry from Public relations.

Ommegang carves it’s niche in creating authentic Belgain style ales,their dedication to craft beer was evident in the passion in which they presented a most beautiful beer nirvana.

We left shortly after the tour as this week is the start of Baseball Hall of Fame inductions in Cooperstown, and the traffic was proof of the weeks events. Cooperstown is terrific and full of Victorian craftsmanship and charm. We will visit Cooperstown and Ommegang again.

5 Responses to “Day 2 Ommegang Brewery and Special Tour”

  1. GREAT PICTURE! We miss you all! Happy travels! – Kari, Mike & Jim

  2. Mark (Chay) Czaja Says:

    Godspeed big brother!

    Good to see the sun shining in the Ommegang photo above – go guys, go!

    Be sure to try some Poutine in beautiful Quebec,


  3. O-Mme-Gang, John, it’s happening. Bravo to you and the team. Hoping for clear sailing from here on out. Love the updates.

  4. chris cummings Says:

    Shelagh and I were privileged to be invited to ride along with the Arctic Alchemy team on the first leg of their epic journey. From the moment we left Bethlehem until arriving at Brewery Ommegang outside of Cooperstown, NY, it was evident that this group of individuals had fast become a fearless team. Each member of the team brings his or her own set of skills that will enhance the experience and all but guarantee success. While a journey of this magnitude will undoubtedly see it’s share of challenges, after spending some time with the team both on the road and at camp, there is no question these intrepid explorers are destined for greatness!

    Follow the Red Hand.

  5. Hey Buddy- I`m just on my lunch break at work and trying to catch up with your adventure. So far seems like all is well, keep up the good work. Look`in forward to see you when you come home. Love you bud, peace!

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