Follow us North !

This is the place to read about our adventure, keep up to date on our location as we trek north to brew our 1852 Arctic Ale!

Journey begins on July 25th !

8 Responses to “Follow us North !”

  1. Will be watching. Praying for good weather, safe travels and amazing brewing for all of you. Vaya con Dios, gents!!

  2. To my talented, adventurous brother and his wonderfully daring friends;

    I will be following every step you take, every track you make and every drop of beer you brew with pride, love and prayers for a wonderful journey, safe travels and fun adventure as you write new chapters of history for us all to enjoy!!!

    Love you all~God Speed

    Sister K

  3. Mary Ann & Larry Burtner Says:

    Prayers and thoughts will be with you on your journey north. Wish we could be be with you for the send-off.

  4. Mary Ann & Larry Burtner Says:

    Love and prayers are with you on your journey north. Good travels and safe home.

  5. Safe journey and happy trails. May the Red Hand be with you…

  6. Guys…looking forward to following along with you on the ride. We really enjoyed having Beau on the radio with us this morning and I l;ook forward to the adventure! Cheers


  7. Happy trails to you!

  8. Hi, When do you arrive here in sunny Burton -upon-Trent Staffordshire?
    I would like the info as i will arrange a SPECIAL , SOCIAL / TALK EVENING ARRANGED JUST FOR YOU. in a local micro brewery.
    I have 9 breweries in my Branch area, and 194 members.
    My Branch members of CAMRA are really looking forwards to this event
    So would like info asap PLEASE.
    We will make you VERY WELCOME, and wish you god speed, and good luck on your adventures.
    Hope to hear from you soon, “CHEERS”MAY ARTHUR, BRANCH CHAIRPERSON

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