Time Traveler -Taste the History

As a collector of old bottles of beer with their contents intact, I am often tempted to taste their contents and experience a unique journey into the past . If you stop and think about it, there is literally nothing else in this world that you can experience other than old alcohol that is historically authentic.
We can read about the past, see the old objects with our eyes, and feel the textures of vintage items, but only one thing allows you to use your sense of taste, no other food item would survive the ravages of time other than spirits, wine or beer. To me, old bottles of beer are a gateway to another dimension of time few get to experience. Old bottles of ale often have a story , very few are unremarkable.

Here is my current collection of full and sealed bottles from the 19 and early 20th century .

From the left to right :
1902 King’s Ale Bass and Co.
Brewed by
H. M. King Edward VII

Samuel Allsopp and Sons
1907 Arctic Ale

Samuel Allsopp
1852 Arctic Ale
Sir Edward Belcher

Samuel Allsopp
1857 Arctic Ale
Sir Leopold McClintock

Samuel Allsopp
1875 Arctic Ale
Sir George Nares

Bass Ale #1 Strong Ale
1869 Ratcliffe Ale

Allsopp’s water pitcher

One Response to “Time Traveler -Taste the History”

  1. Hi, when you come to Burton, please get in touch. I am the Chairperson of the local Branch of CAMRA. I hear your visiting the Roebuck[BURTON ALE HOUSE] when your over. We could have a social evening with you.Should your time allow. Just forwards your itinery, and i will see if its possible to get an event organised.
    CHEERS May

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