Historic Brewday 4/24- 1839 Recipe

This past Saturday I split some firewood ,fired up the old copper and brewed a recipe from 1839 ( an old Barclay Perkins recipe to be exact, Thank you Ron Pattinson and Kristen England ). Back in December the Historic Bethlehem Partnership had its annual Holiday Ball and Silent auction in an effort to raise some money to help maintain buildings , pay for new exhibits and over all general budgets. My donation this year was ” come brew with Mr. Goundie day ” . A young man and his wife bid on and won the event , which included up to 6 friends to come brew with me for the day.
The weather for the brewing session couldn’t have been any better , low 70’s and clear as a bell . To add to the fun , two volunteer filmmakers Ann Knerr and Lisa Robinson carefully documented the session with the skill of their cameras and direction.

This was a day for interaction , a welcome change for me , rather than simply just presenting the craft . Everyone was involved in the process from grinding barley grain to tending the carefully maintained fire, to mashing in the brewing liquor.
So in a couple of weeks we will then bottle and keg our efforts, this means another day of fun for me and the great group of guys, probably do some research testing ( tasting ) . I’ll let the pictures do the talking here :

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