Arctic Brewery -part 1

To brew roughly 100 gallons of Arctic Ale, I need to design a system that is not only portable, but built tough to withstand the trip. The design elements are based around two food grade quality stainless steel drums. The  55 gallon type containers that usually hold things like syrup, or honey or even mustard are an excellent source for a makeshift brewery.

In Canada we will only have access to Liquid Propane fuel as a power source, so finding the right sized burners will be crucial. In my other designed brewery ” the Savant System 1400 ” , I utilized a couple of jet-burners normally used to fire Asian Wok’s in the commercial kitchens of you favorite Chinese restaurant. Those 23 tip burners are around 125,000 btu and pack a punch when it comes to getting a boil going .

Here’s the Savant System 1400

Another aspect of brewery design is flow piping, without the luxury of have electricity, I will need to take advantage of gravity for the movement of liquids around . Old brewhouses thoughout the world have relied on gravity , some breweries were often located in multi-story buildings for that very purpose. In the theme of gravity , I will build a stainless steel framing system , with knock-down legs that are fully adjustable to not only save space for the travel , but to take advantage of being able to raise up and lower down depending on the brewing cycle.

Here’s an old brewery layout ( gravity system )

I will post all the aspects of my new design here , including the welding of the frame , piping diagrams and burner selection in part 2

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