Brewery duty and it’s cold

Saturday morning  is always chores and brewery duty , I had to cleanup from last week’s Cask Festival at the Allentown BrewWorks. John Chay and I brought a little bit of Britain last Saturday , and the floor was full of thirsty and ready to receive tasting glasses. “Mr. Blobby” and “1878 Cotswolds ” had been brewed about a month or so ago, and readied for the masses of cask seekers who were willing .

Both offerings were English style- India Pale Ales , with Mr Blobby (the UK equivalent of Barney, that purple thing ) dry hopped with East Kent Goldings for some fantastic aroma . Cotswold was a recipe from an old brewing book I have , circa 1878  from a now defunct cottage brewery in rural England.

Our booth worked out to be a great location situated between the Brewworks to our left and my pals from the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers on the right . The real highlight of our day was raffling off a bottle of Arctic Ale , brewed with the original recipe back in July 09 . We also sold a fair amount of our new tee shirts , more on them later .

 It was great meeting a whole bunch of new beer drinkers and fans , quite a few of our Facebook fans stopped to say hello and  John and I  answered plenty of  questions.

What’s with this cold weather today ?, much different from last weekend when I got a chance to get on the bike for a ride. 

This is a busy weekend with lots more planning to do . ….

One Response to “Brewery duty and it’s cold”

  1. Mrs Kennsington Says:

    Mr Bowenz, I’m invited to dinner tonight and would like to make an impression on my gracious hosts. Could you recommend a beer to go along with crab and steak. I trust your opinion.

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